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Guide to Online Publication Software Options

Thanks to the Internet everything is at our fingertips these days. From shopping to conducting face-to-face meetings with people across the globe. The Internet has also allowed companies to create a variety of publication software to fit the many different publication needs.

Whether you need a newsletter, brochure or booklet published you have options to choose from that best fit your company. In this week’s blog, we did some research on four online publication software companies and listed their different pricing.

Constant Contact

Founded in 1999, Constant Contact offers diverse email publication services. They are most known for being an email marketing tool to create newsletters and email blasts to send to your consumers. Constant Contact has built-in templates to create a variety of emails from an anniversary, birthday to creating a template that lets your customers know your product has been discounted. They do offer a free trial for 60 days.


By now millions of marketers and companies that produce newsletters know that cute little monkey logo. Founded in 2001, it remains one of the most widely used marketing automation to create solid newsletters to reach out to your customers and potential future customers. MailChimp has a free plan for those that have 2,000 or fewer subscribers and only 12,000 emails sent in one year. They have a few reasonably priced options depending on the size of your company and how many emails will be sent in the course of one year.

Lucid Press

Do you think a magazine will benefit your company or organization? Lucid Press is a free online software where you can create and design your own professional digital or print magazines to share. The word “free” is used loosely these days since it all depends on the number of emails a company sends out regularly, for example, or however, these online companies price their different options.


Joomag quotes themselves as the “All-In-One Digital Publishing Platform.” They have a long list of online marketing features they provide to fulfill a multitude of digital marketing and publishing needs. Once you are on their pricing page they have a helpful little chatbot who is ready to answer any of your questions. They have three pricing tiers.

Nhora BarreraGuide to Online Publication Software Options