Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Minority Reports to Congress

Each year, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is required to submit a report to Congress that addresses public media’s services to minority and diverse audiences. TMN used CPB’s information about these services to produce a comprehensive and compelling report that included photos, infographics and strategically selected quotes on Congressional interests and priorities. TMN also collected more than 100 “highlights” from public media stations nationwide that showcased their services to diverse populations.

Every three years, CPB is also required to produce a Triennial Assessment Report. For this report, TMN interviewed nine minority leaders and used the notes to develop a profile of each interviewee. The report also included the leaders’ insights on overall trends and predictions for the future.

Through this project, TMN provided CPB with Congressional reports that were not just visually appealing, but also strategically communicated the value of the organization’s efforts to serve minority and diverse audiences.

Materials Shown: CPB’s Minority Report to Congress and Triennial Assessment Report 

Nhora BarreraCorporation for Public Broadcasting’s Minority Reports to Congress