Client: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)


The expanded Medicare Wellness and Preventive benefits are a valuable resource for America’s seniors. CMS sought a creative and integrated outreach approach that would educate providers about these benefits and equip them with digital resources they could use to share information with their patients.

Through one-on-one interviews with health care professionals, TMN  identified tools that would appeal to the audience while meeting the government’s requirements.

A multi-language mobile application was developed that provided users with Medicare terminology in English and Spanish in both written and spoken form. Other tools included e-books, an interactive online community, e-newsletter articles,  social media content, animated web banners and podcasts.

Materials shown: poster, digital presentation, app, e-book, podcast and web advertisements.

Nhora BarreraEncouraging Health Care Providers to Educate Patients on New Medicare Benefits