Cross Media Campaign Development

Successful campaigns will employ a dynamic collaboration of different points of contact between an organization and their target audience.

TMN works diligently to provide you with…

Media Relations Services: Our award-winning media relations team works to get messages distributed nationally, regionally, or locally, targeting specialty news beats covering specific industry or subject areas in TV, social media and radio platforms.

Web, Social and Digital Media Plans: Producing goal-oriented web communications, internet campaigns, social media, and innovative new media is our passion! Whether your ambition is digital product design, data collection, information-driven e-commerce, web design or web-oriented brand expansion, we have the expertise to help define the media need; we then tailor the product to the client and audience accordingly.

Media Buy Planning and Placement: TMN’s media planning services allow our clients to appropriately and successfully allocate their media buying dollars to maximize audience reach, frequency and penetration.

Print, Publications, Exhibits and Displays: All print media—from newsletters to fotonovelas, brochures to ads—have unique characteristics and opportunities that are well understood by the marketing designers at TMN; and we know the importance of determining distribution options first to better guide media and message decisions.

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