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The Importance of Cross-Cultural Marketing

America was built on the diversity of different cultures. This diversity is what makes this country so desirable to live in from traditional recipes to the different types of music. Successful marketing campaigns need to do more than simply generate content that is tailored to the company; the plans need to include a cross-cultural angle that also speaks to the bulk of your consumers.

In this week’s blog, we will discuss incorporating cross-cultural content into your marketing campaigns. Cross-Cultural Marketing, by definition, is the strategic process of marking among consumers that is different from the company’s or marketers own culture. Fundamental aspects to keep in mind include cuisine, cultural norms, education, language, social norms, and values.

Multiculturalism is a foundational factor for successful marketing campaigns. One recent study conducted by Nielsen released that in the next five years the multicultural society in America will grow by 11 million. The American Community Survey said that our nation is 40% multicultural society. These numbers need to be taken into account for your campaign.

The goal is to appeal first to the market as a whole while including personal interests that will also appeal to the diverse cultural aspects of your consumers. Subtlety is key here when including a cross-cultural message.

The process of getting your brand’s image using your desired advertising message across to different culture is a delicate balance of cultural knowledge and the correct translations/adaptation of the messages.There are countries that would perceive “I” in an advertisement negatively since their culture is more about teamwork than independence. The bottom line when utilizing cross-cultural marketing is to use common sense and respect. Know your market and have a good understanding of the diversity among your consumers.

Nhora BarreraThe Importance of Cross-Cultural Marketing