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The Power of Video Marketing

Video marketing has become mainstream across social media platforms over the past few years. The few second videos capturing the product or brief interviews to promote brands. Time-lapse videos have also been at the forefront of video marketing. The coolest part is you do not need to hire a skilled camera crew to capture these videos. There are many apps now that allow people to create videos using their smartphone.

Who does not love those how to cook videos? Instagram has given a voice and notoriety to people that without this opportunity to connect with others would not be able to reach audiences across the globe. These chefs, home cooks, and cookbook authors, for example, utilize Instagram as their stage to educate others. By incorporating videos on their feed, they can better connect with their audience in a more personal way.

Videos are a great marketing tool to get your message across to your consumers and potential future customers. Instagram and Facebook both have a story feature. On Instagram, you can add filters, hashtags and social media handles.

Lapse It is easy to use and has excellent features to make you feel like pro. They have info, trim, effects, music and render options to edit your videos. The app also allows you to use manual controls and a background mode that allows you to access other apps while you are recording. The user can import existing videos along with capturing new footage.

One other app is Time Spirit; however, it does not have the variety of features like Lapse It. You can create either time-lapse photos or videos. The app offers a resolution, frame interval, max duration, timer and filter features to edit your video.

Successful marketing campaigns incorporate different approaches to reach a targeted audience. Social Media allows for immediacy which strengthens a brands ability to connect with thousands of people at once. Videos not only add a more informative element but add personality to your brand.

Nhora BarreraThe Power of Video Marketing