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Promoting Your Brand in the Digital Marketing Age

In this week’s blog, we will provide different digital marketing tactics to promote your brand.

Since the dawn of social media, promoting a product or company became an exciting challenge in itself for the traditional Public Relations professional. One of the initial challenges they faced was how to connect with their customers through these different platforms. The next step was to devise a digital marketing campaign that works across social media.

Suddenly customers could communicate their questions or concerns in real-time with a company and receive feedback in real-time. This change was a huge transformation that has strengthened the personal connection between the customer and the brand. The use of powerful narratives that remain a huge aspect of traditional promotional strategies is just as relevant throughout social media.


The first step should be defining the objective of your campaign. Marketing professionals feel the pressure to find the right voice to be heard. This challenge in turn only strengthens their marketing skills. Step back when you are first devising that plan of yours and imagine what outcome you want for your brand. Then take the steps backward that need to be made. Research other brands similar to yours.

Identify Your Audience

One of the first steps to creating a solid digital marketing campaign is to understand who you will be engaging with on a regular basis. What is the demographic? What type of jobs do they hold? Monitor their content by creating a list in your Twitter account. These lists allow you to go back to read their recent commentary and better understand their needs.


Utilize Google sheets to track your posts or notes on engagement and analytics. These days you have a few choices of online tools to schedule your posts. Tweetdeck is a free tool to use to schedule your posts. HootSuite and Sprout Social do charge a fee. HootSuite is broken down into five different plans depending on the type of user. They do have a free option for an individual that has three social media profiles. For users with more than three profiles, here is a charge.


We are a visual society. Graphics draw the attention of your current and future potential customers. Depending on your budget there are free graphic design software resources. When using photos found online either be sure the source is listed somewhere small on the photo or if using on a blog include “Photo Courtesy of” in the caption. There are also many free photos you can use that are used across social media platforms. These are free graphic design software sites you can use to create ad for your brand. When designing your ad be mindful of the colors you use.








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