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Why Social Media Marketing is Better than Traditional Methods

Nowadays, the significance of social media marketing is widely acknowledged. Actually, 90 percent of marketers come to an agreement that the practice is vital to their business. Consequently, we’ve seen social media marketing move into new industry spaces and make an impression in innovative ways.

But is it better than TV??

When you think about it, it’s clear that traditional media platforms provide value through promoting content such as TV and radio programs, magazines, and odds to win prizes. Then, for this entertainment content or other rate, while advertisers pay to disturb our viewing pleasures to tell us about their latest products or services.

One key difference about social media is that is that these sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) are already free. So, advertisers don’t expect us to allow them to disturb us with their boring commercial messages. Let’s just face facts, no one LIKES commercial anyway!

So, another key to making social media work (differently) is the opportunity to deliver some other type of value for free. It could be it entertainment, info, support, or other types of games or rewards. In exchange for listening to our commercial message.


(PRO TIP) Your brand MUST provide about 90% worth to 10% commercial message. A good case in point is Justin Timberlake. He shares cuts from his album before it’s available. As well as insider information about his life and lyrics.

While most traditional advertising is intended for mass consumption, social media marketing encompasses one on one marketing. That means the brand message should appear to be as customized to individual users as possible. Therefore, brands need to understand their target market ON EACH SOCIAL NETWORK so brand messages appear personalized to the individual. Although your brand may have a broad target market, the users on Facebook may be completely different from the users on Instagram and adjusting your method with each social network is key to your overall success.

As social media marketing forces businesses to become more translucent, customers are holding corporations increasingly responsible for embracing ethical practices and acting as cultural supporters. According to a contemporary study by Campaign, this has a number of repercussions for businesses—from the way they approach messaging and branding to the kinds of products as well as services they offer.

integrated_marketing-Washington DC

The way folks converse, interact, and make choices, industries are adapting. For companies, social media has encouraged a shift in digital and marketing strategies. To remain economical, establishments must work to understand who consumers are and what they are concerned about.

And because social media marketing allows brands to intermingle with customers on a more personal level, knowing how to approach each exclusive digital media channel is crucial.

What say You?

Do you see other differences or even similarities between social media marketing and traditional marketing?

How are your brand accomplishing social media marketing victory?

Nhora BarreraWhy Social Media Marketing is Better than Traditional Methods

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