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Facebook Marketing secrets; the Power of Search

When it comes to searching the World Wide Web, most of us start with the obvious… Google. Savvy networking specialists know to expand their searches to places such as LinkedIn, where they can discover whom they should network with at any specific company.

But did you know Facebook has its own influential search tool? So how does this affect you as a business? Facebook’s Search opens up a new realm of opportunities to target consumers. Understanding, research and innovation are natural with the new setup—you can target and filter users and optimize your communications with them.

This article will answers the popular questions about how to use Facebook’s search. And it will give you a few tips on how to take advantage of it for marketing purposes.

How can you find contacts in an exact city?

If you are ever traveling to speak at a conference, you can use Facebook to recall who your friends are in that city. In the central Facebook search, enter: “friends who live in NAMEOFCITY.” This way you can maximize your efforts.

How can you find someone you know who works for a specific company?

LinkedIn is continuously the top destination to decide who you might know that works for a company. But did you know, you can use Facebook to find out too? Which is useful if you aren’t associated to all of your Facebook friends on LinkedIn.

In the search tool type “my friends who work at COMPANYNAME.” If the corporation has multiple locations, you can search “my friends who work at COMPANYNAME in CITYNAME.”facebook-marketing-firm

Now that you know how you can use Facebook to search other professionals. Let’s take a look at how companies are us

ing the Facebook search tool as a marketing advantage.

Investigate Contenders

Searching for your rivals—or even your own business—the Search will show you all of the talk all over that network.

There’s a wealth of data to search for like business name, products or amenities, hashtags, comments, consumers, press and testimonials.

Do a search on numerous of those alternatives to find out how your contender is engaging with individuals. Are they mentioning or liking associated posts, services, news or content? Is that communication done via their business profile or by personal profiles from folks within the company?

Knowing how industry players interact with individuals to grow their brand acknowledgement gives you access to what’s working for your rivals, and just as significantly, what isn’t.

Explore Hashtags

Hashtags aren’t only for the Twitter and Instagram of the world. (Though they work BEST there) Facebook users embrace them in their social updates as well. If you’re considering for a way to unite folks around your business and intrigue individuals who aren’t yet a part of your digital community, hashtags just might be the thing you need.

If you’re brand is already using hashtags, do a Search to see who else is using them too and how. If you’re not using hashtags tactics, you can still scrape together some good information from the Search tool.

Before participating in a paid campaign, study the advertising styles of your competitors. See what’s getting the highest shares or the most commented on, and what’s important to fans to create digital content of their own.

When you’re examining your target audience and their online behavior, the most vital thing is to look for industry trends that you can attack. If you see posts using the same hashtag) even if the tone or point of view of the posts differs) you’ve fell upon gold.


If there has already been discussion surrounding hashtag tactics, then hop in and be part of the discussion. Work the current engagement to your gain and adapt your interactions to match the dialog.


Use Facebook Search to see what is and isn’t getting a return for your competitors and your shared targeted audience. Use that information as a starting-off point for your next digital marketing campaign.

From time to time you can get so bogged down in your business that you may forget your prospects has other interests. If you take the right amount of time to find those interests, you can use them to direct your marketing strategies.

The bottom line is that Facebook Search is more than an enhanced feature. It gives your marketing team insight and admittance to what your fan base is looking for and what they want.

Nhora BarreraFacebook Marketing secrets; the Power of Search

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