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Turn your webinars into a lead generation machine

Need to grow your company’s bottom line fast? Have you thought about webinars as part of your digital marketing strategy?

Webinars are important for doing lead generation. It is also key for B2B sales and software at scale.


Obviously, webinars aren’t new. Many businesses do them and have been successful for years. But many companies do webinars incredibly wrong. Maybe you’ve experienced an appalling webinar first hand and it may be the reason why you haven’t been to another one.

Don’t let the same thing happen to your company! Webinars CAN be a remarkable weapon in your marketing attack. Here are a few tips to help you get 100x more output from your marketing webinars and generate tons of new leads and sales.

Decrease the Frequency of Your Webinars

Some corporations do hundreds of webinars per year. Wait, are you serious? Yes, extremely. You really don’t need to do numerous webinars per week! That’s foolish. You’re much better off doing one big outstanding marketing webinar per month than doing four run-of-the-mill webinars. Focus on QUALITY, not numbers.

Go Wild on Webinar Advertising

Email blasts is a MUST. That’s a no-brainer. But email isn’t sufficient to promote your webinars. You should also be hitting your target audience by using the following:

  • Remarketing
  • Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn and Twitter Ads
  • AdWords Customer Match
  • Gmail/PPC Ads

Use all of these advanced digital targeting methods to make sure the best audience sees that you’re doing an amazing, don’t want to miss marketing webinar.

Prepare A Poll Question With An Offer

Polls or surveys are a respectable way to learn about and engage with your attendees. But we’re speaking about business growth here, so let’s take it the extra mile.


Attach an offer to one of your poll questions. For instance, something like: “Do you want us to follow up with you about a free eBook?” Then, after the marketing webinar, your sales team can follow up by saying, “Hi, I’m just following up on your request for a free eBook…”

Send Out the Webinar Recording Immediately

As every businessperson knows, opportunities don’t last always. If someone is somewhat interested in your webinar today, chances are, three days from now they’ll be less fascinated. If they haven’t forgotten about it completely! Folks lose interest fast, so send out your marketing webinar recording quickly. Keep your leads close and engaged. Don’t let hot leads go cold!

Rehearse Your Webinar a couple of Times

Not everybody is a naturally gifted talker. In fact, while it may look like giving exceptional presentations is second nature to some speakers, what you won’t see is all the hours of research and practice that went into making that presentation.

If you want to bring an amazing webinar that people will want to remember, it’s vital to take the time to practice your webinar. Arrange time to do a practice run in front of an associate, coworker or family member. They can point out aspects of your webinar that drag or are unclear, and they might help you catch errors in your deck!

Another PRO tip: Record yourself giving the webinar and listen back to see what parts need work. You may find bad speaking habits that you can easily fix. (Like Mms and uhh)

If you have some more tips for giving splendid marketing presentations and improving your speaking skills please share below!

Nhora BarreraTurn your webinars into a lead generation machine

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