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What makes remarketing better than PPC?


Ah yes, the magic of retargeting! For those of you who don’t understand the idea of ad retargeting, also known as remarketing, let us cover it real quick for you, you and YOU.

Ad Retargeting is: A form of digital advertising that enables advertisers to show ads to users who have already visited their site while cruising the web.

Basically, remarketing allows you to follow up with web visitors who have been to your website by retargeting them with relevant ads on other websites. These users are tracked through their browser cookies, which is what allows you to exhibit ads to them, even when they aren’t actively searching for you or your service. This means that an ad can show up on the sidebar of their email, through the Google display network while they’re browsing the web, and even on their Facebook timeline.

What does this mean for you? As an alternative to waiting around for a potential customer to come back to you, you’re staying top of their mind by reminding them what they showed interest in in the first place. It’s a delicate method of conversion rate optimization.

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Additionally, remarketing can subconsciously help address the various buyer dilemma in the sense that it serves as a reminder to the web visitor of the presence of the product.

If you’re still unsure about giving it a try, we are going to give you a push in the right direction with these remarketing particulars that will make you rethink your whole PPC marketing strategy.

1. Facebook and Google Display Network Offer the Greatest Reach

Where will you get the most bang for your remarketing dollars? Right now, Google Display Network and Facebook offer the best reach for your digital remarketing campaigns.

The Google Display Network spreads across 90% of Internet users worldwide, 65% of whom they touch every single day. More than a trillion impressions are served to over 1 billion users every month (says Google). Also, Facebook has more than 1.4 billion users, over a billion of whom logged in just yesterday (says Facebook).

We always like to run my remarketing ads on both GDN and Facebook and find that both are extremely powerful.


2. Remarketing Is Unbelievably Powerful for Brand Marketing

Ladies and Gentleman, we know your crazy about both search ads and organic search, but they both agonize from this one small issue.

It’s very tough to build a brand using small text ads and organic search listings, which have a very inadequate amount of character space and don’t support logos and all the other visual elements that marketing companies typically use to build a brand.

Display remarketing is a whimsical way to build your brand because there’s so much more creative charm you can infuse into an image ad that will make your consumers love and remember your brand.

We discovered the power of this a few years ago, when I realized the vast majority of our site traffic:

  • Came to us by way of non-branded organic searches,
  • Didn’t translate into sales,
  • And left our site and never came back.

We were awesome at getting users to our site, but totally failed at getting them to remember us after they got here.

Enter remarketing.

3. Remarketing Clicks Are Absurdly Cheap


Search ads in super-competitive industries can range from several dollars or more per click – and that’s just the norm (with some competitive keywords costing more like $50 per click). Display and social remarketing ad clicks by contrast might range anywhere from 2-100x less.

Below are a couple more circumstances where retarget marketing can really come in handy:

Retargeting users who abandon online shopping carts

Branding purposes – producing awareness for your brand or seasonal promotions

The real benefit of retarget marketing is how granular you can get with you retargeting criteria concerning demographics (for example age, sex, location, etc.) and web behavior (e.g. long tail keyword search, devices used, specific pages touched, etc.) This means you can get hyper-focused with who you want to target.

Remarketing is a vital component for digital, paid search, social media and marketing firms the same. It just makes all things work better.

Never again let your leads walk away and forget about you. Retarget marketing will save the day!

Nhora BarreraWhat makes remarketing better than PPC?

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