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4 Modern Marketing Realties You Should Know About

scad1With the hype of virtual reality at an all-time high in the gaming world, companies with an eye toward technology are beginning to take augmented reality in a serious way.



Even though many augmented reality apps are aimed at entertainment or personal purposes, the technology provides plenty of prospects for businesses.

Eye wear for trade and other commercial Industries

Google may be the one who is getting all of the glory, but you better believe that it is not the only company in the eyewear business. The Vuzix M2000AR is a product that shows content from a connected device over a video stream of real-world content, which could be seamless for managers or personnel who need to access technical information or repair techniques while in the field.

Virtual Apps

In recent times, IBM debuted a retail-focused smartphone app entitled the Augmented Reality Shopping Assistant. For all intents and purposes, the app will scan retail shelves at stores and provide data to show what products are to be found where, as well as link to added pricing or health info. This is one of those got-to-have apps that smartphone users will embrace quickly.

There are also other apps with potential for large-scale usage. Some allow you to promote events, deals, discounts and other promotional offers at neighboring businesses.

AR-enabled Advertising

Imagine QR codes on steroids or in makeup. A company called Layar links the print and digital worlds by altering print to digital content in real time. Placing this app over AR-enabled print advertisements can trigger live video content or associated materials or applications, for instance; an online shopping cart.

A real life example would be Ikea. Who launched a prosperous AR-enabled print ad which allowed users to view the furniture in Ikea’s catalog as it came to life, permitting the user to view the furniture in 3D.

Augmented reality for guidelines, training or instructions

The time for explaining a once-tedious process of providing directions for customers or clients is almost history. , Mitsubishi has an augmented reality app that demonstrate to customers how to install or repair its heating and air-conditioning merchandise. Consumers will no longer need to flip through drawn-out instruction manuals when trying to make a fast repair.

There is one final thought that I want to leave you with about the future of augmented reality. Insiders believe Apple could be making a move on its own augmented reality technology. Keep your eyes open for Metaio and PrimeSense.

Nhora Barrera4 Modern Marketing Realties You Should Know About

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